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Infant Formula Program

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

Zambia Mission Fund – Canada May 2021

A promise is a promise: “The Lord will…send rain at the proper time from his rich treasury in the heavens and will bless all the work you do.

Remember the drought in Zambia 2019/20?

Good news: “Harvesting of the 2021 main maize crop is expected to start in April and production is preliminarily forecast at a bumper level of 3.5 million tonnes, slightly higher than the previous year’s good outturn and over 20 percent above the previous five‑year average.” FAO United Nations.

Despite the extreme downward economic turn in Zambia people are eating….and the promise is alive! Their hard work has been blessed, again.

And further…. families and babies are blessed by the steady work of Nancy and Wilson Siazilo and team and through the prayers and financial contribution of the Canadian donors.

Pretty, Gladys, Lameck, Justine, Mercy, Beauty, Joe, Choolwe, Omega,

Lindiwe, and newly enrolled Nsabuta!

For Prayer this month: Omega (top right corner) – Barely gaining weight, mom is pregnant again, hair is thin and copper colored…lots of unknowns with this wee one. Also, Choolwe (not in this photo) – still showing signs of Down’s Syndrome – but unsure if she’s been diagnosed. Newest baby Nsabuta is from close to 7FF. Mom has died and not much is known other than that. Will obtain some details for next month.

As always – thanks for being part of these families spiritual and physical support.

“With God ALL things are truly possible!”

Always feel free to contact Sue ( for more information!


The ZMF-C milk feeding program team

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