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Our Team

Our ‘agents’ in Zambia (read:  hands, feet, voice) are Shepherd and Ruhtt Mbumwae and Wilson and Nancy Siazilo.   These are the ones who tuck into the programs every day and make sure they are effective.   When we visit Zambia each year we spend a great deal of time with each of these two couples.   We listen and we pick their brains and we share ideas together.   And most importantly we pray together, asking God for His direction and wisdom. 

Shepherd + Ruhtt Mbumwae

Shepherd Mbumwae is our General Manager and his wife Ruhtt manages the programs related to education:  Student sponsorship and Community School Development.   They also manage the seed and fertilizer program, providing seed and fertilizer to dozens of church communities in the Kalomo area.

Ruhtt is assisted by Patrick Muntanga and Babylon Kajolo in her efforts to improve education and spiritual growth. 


Wilson + Nancy Siazilo

Wilson and Nancy Siazilo are foster parents to four children:  Jack, Chibbo, Demelu, Willy.   They also manage the infant formula distribution program, currently providing for eight babies.  

Wilson is a retired Head Teacher and Nancy is a hard-working stay at home Mum.

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