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About Us

Years ago Zambia was “Northern Rhodesia”….a country with a peaceful history.   Its name changed to Zambia following independence from England in 1964.  Zambia sits in south central Africa and is bordered by eight countries with the southern border being the Zambezi River and the north edge of beautiful Victoria Falls.  Peace continues in Zambia though it struggles strengthen frastructure.   The AIDS epidemic hit Zambia hard and much potential was lost for gaining ground in this area.  

Zambia Mission Fund – Canada has its roots in a visit made to Zambia in 1987 and subsequent friendships made from that visit.   It all began quietly with no grand plan except to help a few children.  The following dozen years cemented additional relationships and brought additional needs to our attention and finally, in 2002, ZMF-C was created and registered with Canada Revenue Agency.   We remain intentionally small, hands on, with projects limited to a small catchment area around the town of Kalomo, Zambia.   Work necessary within Canada is provided by volunteers, allowing us to send every dollar to Zambia.  We have a Canadian Board of eight members and each year at least four members visit in person to learn, encourage, and ensure financial compliance for Canadian charities.  

Our focus is primarily that of academic education, though, it extends to food security and nutrition, these being necessary components of an ability to learn.   Helping real development to take place requires much patience and understanding.   It requires ‘buy in’ from local people: mothers and fathers and grandparents and aunts and uncles; teachers; administrators within the Ministry of Education; and administrators within the Ministry for Child Development.   We are still learning how to think as a local would think because unless we grasp where they are coming from, we can’t get much traction going forward.   What shapes their perspectives?   What have their experiences been?   

Zambian children growing emotionally, physically and spiritually and becoming Godly, caring adults. 

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